https://the-federation.info today .

I was one of the first using these networks years ago .. and what do I see after all this time?

The numbers, though not exact, come close to reality.

Users: 649021

Last month active users: 15697

This is absolutely depressing ... the numbers of active users are +- equal to those of the beginning.
And consider that  +- 3500 in joindiaspora (last month active users) ... as centralization style .

#diaspora #friendica #hubzilla .... #thefederation


the federation - a statistics hub
Podlist and statistics for The Federation (diaspora*, Friendica, Hubzilla).

James Lamentus
6 days ago

[DE] Suche PHP-Entwickler und Designer! Wer hat Lust, bei einem Pilotprojekt basierend auf The Federation mitzumachen? Langfristiges Ziel ist es, ein Netzwerk und eine erweiterbare Plattform aufzubauen, auf der sich Freiberufler und (meist genossenschaftliche) Betriebe mit ökologisch-nachhaltiger und sozial verantwortlicher Ausrichtung untereinander und mit ihren Anwendern und Kunden vernetzen können. Aus verschiedenen Gründen bisher internet-technisch oft wenig aktiv, gibt es in diesen Kreisen ein wachsendes und großes Interesse an freier und quelloffener (weil "nachhaltige") Software sowie Datenhaltung weit weg von den heutigen Tech-Giganten. Ein erster Schritt wird sein, hubzilla oder das zot-Protokoll bei bereits vorhandenen Web-Präsenzen möglichst nahtlos einzubinden. Finanzielle Mittel sind vorhanden. [/DE]

[EN] Looking for PHP developers and designers! Who would like to participate in a pilot project based on The Federation? Long-term goal is to build a network and extensible platform on which freelancers and (mostly cooperative) firms with ecologically-sustainable and socially responsible orientation can connect with each other and their users and customers. Due to various reasons as yet not very active with internet tech, in these circles there's a growing and big interest in free and open source (because "sustainable") software as well as keeping their data far away from today's tech giants. A first step will be to integrate the zot protocol or hubzilla into already existing web presences as seamlessly as possible. Funds are available. [/EN]

#thefederation #federation #zot #hubzilla #project #pilot #pilotproject #offer #job #jobs #joboffer #opensource #freesoftware #foss #floss #diaspora #friendica #redmatrix

herzmeister der welten
a month ago

#Socialhome gets its second contributor. Thanks to contributor Jari Winberg, images in content creator don't overflow the preview window any more. Appreciated!

Ps. Our issue tracker has a newcomer label for issues that should be relatively easy to tackle even without too much knowledge of the code base or #Django. Take a look if you want to contribute to a fresh software stack in #TheFederation!

Socialhome HQ
2 months ago (edited)


Does #friendica have a feed here on #TheFederation that posts these out? Would be more fun sharing that instead of tweets :P

Congrats for the new release!

Jason Robinson
2 months ago

Want to contribute to creating a #Python and #Django stack #TheFederation server? Check out our contribution guide for some guidelines.

For those new to #Socialhome or Django, there are some "newcomer" labeled issues which are good starting points for contributing to the project.

Fast code review guaranteed :)

Socialhome HQ
2 months ago

The new #TheFederation stats site is live! Huge thanks to @{Fla ; fla@diaspora-fr.org} for contributing this redesign <3


the federation - a statistics hub
Podlist and statistics for The Federation (diaspora*, Friendica, Hubzilla).

Jason Robinson
2 months ago

Social-Relay version 1.3.2 released

#diaspora #relay #thefederation

This is a bugfix release which makes content delivery more reliable.



  • Add a longer worker timeout for sending. Seems default 180 seconds is not enough in cases where post will be delivered to a lot of hosts. Allow setting a long timeout, defaulting to 1080 seconds.
  • Refactor sending to not send payload multiple times in the case that multiple entities are found in the payload. In reality this should never happen, since Diaspora payloads have one top level entity only.

Ping @{David Morley ; davidmorley@diasp.org}

social-relay - Public post relay for the Diaspora federated social network protocol

Jason Robinson
2 months ago

Playing around with mock-up for redesign of #Socialhome cards. As an idea, reactions could be #Slack like emojis instead of just a single like reaction.

Want to give feedback? Please do in the GitHub issue - comments don't yet show in our end from around #TheFederation :)

Socialhome HQ
2 months ago

Socialhome HQ

#django #python #decentralization #thefederation #diaspora


"Socialhome is a #federated home page builder application with social network features."

My little project has reached the phase where I've set up a public demo server. Feel free to play around if you like - feedback would be highly appreciated! Just do realize it's a bit alpha still.

Jason Robinson
2 months ago


Socialhome federates using the Diaspora protocol. This allows content to federate not only to other #Socialhome nodes, but also with nodes from #Diaspora, #Friendica and #Hubzilla.

Socialhome doesn't make a distinction between profile and other created content. All profile content you create can be pushed via the federation layer to other nodes in #TheFederation.

Socialhome HQ
2 months ago (edited)

Plea to create a Diaspora Code of Conduct

Dear diasporians,

Joindiapora.com was the first Diaspora* node (aka #pod). It was used as a proof of concept and hosted the early adopters of the network. It started slowly, it had its up and downs... At some point the pod was overwhelmed by more and more users, to the point it became slow and unresponsive. New registrations were closed and many users fled for other pods, others gave up. Max (one of the #corefour) hadn't the resources to maintain the pod properly so he asked for help. He was seriously thinking about shutting the pod down if nobody had stepped in to help. Seeing our beloved pod in danger, I volunteer to help despite my luck of experience as a #podadmin. In the end, Lukas, a much more qualified podadmin stepped forward. He took over joindiaspora, re-located it on a physical server in Germany, tweaked the database, fixed the problems, upgraded JD to the latest version, enabled XMPP and finally re-open registrations to the public. He spent endless hours doing this, and he financed it from his own pocket (now more users are stepping in to financially support the effort). Today we greet new users on a daily basis. Refugees from #facebook, casual spectactors, #privacy seakers, free speech hopefuls. As a result of this extra work I was elevated to an admin so I can help him as much as I can.

As part of my duties as a moderator I can tell you that maintaining a pod is hard work. It takes dedication, effort, time, money. What's more, it makes you legally liable to the legislation of the hosting country and ethically liable to stick to the values that gave birth to Diaspora. As part of Diaspora values we don't censor political, religious or other opinions. But there is a gray area between censoring and moderating. A #moderator spends significant amounts of her/his time to figure out what should go and what should stay. Misjudgment happens. Post/comments that should be deleted may stay, and others that should stay could get deleted.

So my urge to all #diasporians: Don't make the life of your podadmin/moderator harder. Here's some tips to have in mind when you post and participate in discussions, on Diaspora.

  • Read the Terms of Service of your pod and try to understand them. Ask your podadmin if you are unsure about something. Here are the ToS of JD to get an idea.
  • Try to use arguments, not defamatory/bigoted comments. Attacking users, whether diasporians or not, could cause a serious liability to your hosting pod. Podamins probably don't have the resources to defend you in court and this could financially drain the people supporting a pod, bringing an end to the service. I am not a lawyer, and it is debatable whether a podamin is responsible for a user's comments, but you will made your podadmin happy if you try to be respectful to others.
  • Try not to overwhelm the maintainers of a pod with bogus reports. As mentioned before, we moderate behaviors, not opinions.
  • If you find the comments in one of your own posts abusive, try to explain her/him about your concern and ask her/him to delete it. You can delete it yourselves if she/he does not comply.
  • If a user becomes abusive, you can add him on your ignore list. She/he cannot comment on your posts after that.
  • If you get listed on a user's ignore list, that means the user does not want any exchange with you. Just leave her/him alone. Re-sharing her/his posts for the sole purpose of mocking her/him with your comments, it's a form of harassment. Most podadmins will not tolerate online harassment.
  • Try not to reply to comments with disgusting pictures. The gif of a pulsating anus has zero contribution to a discussion.

There are probably a lot of others tips that don't come to my mind right now. I am posting this as a plea to the Diaspora community to come up with a collection of tips which could eventualy lead to the creation of an unofficial Code of Conduct. Such a CoC would guide the users on how to behave on Diaspora and The Federation in general. Please add your tips/suggestions below.

#diaspora #joindiaspora #JD #thefederation #codeofconduct #censorship #moderating

Theodotos Andreou
3 months ago

Dear #Diaspora / #TheFederation, I am looking for information on the Derechos Digitales organisation ( https://www.derechosdigitales.org/ ). Are they trustworthy? Anyone had any experience with them? Any feedback very appreciated!

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak
3 months ago

On my way to #FOSDEM. Who's with me? ;)

#Diaspora #TheFederation #FLOSS #FreeSoftware

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak
3 months ago