#Socialhome gets its second contributor. Thanks to contributor Jari Winberg, images in content creator don't overflow the preview window any more. Appreciated!

Ps. Our issue tracker has a newcomer label for issues that should be relatively easy to tackle even without too much knowledge of the code base or #Django. Take a look if you want to contribute to a fresh software stack in #TheFederation!

2 days ago (edited)

#Socialhome now has a "single content view" ie an url for each content. Clicking the content timestamp in the streams opens up the single content view in a modal. When arriving directly via an url, the single content view opens in a dedicated page.

URL's are a combination of content ID and a "slug" generated from the text. The slug part (which is optional) should help with SEO rankings. Since Socialhome is meant for permanent articles too, this becomes more important than for the average social media post.

7 days ago

Testing basic single content view for #Socialhome.


Next: showing local and remote comments!

## Project: Socialhome ![](https://jasonrobinso...

9 days ago

Mobile first

#Socialhome doesn't have a separate mobile view. Everything is designed mobile first to keep it that way.

11 days ago

Trying out the new #socialhome network. Wondering how it compares with the very familiar and easy Diaspora interface. It's different, but nice!

15 days ago

Want to contribute to creating a #Python and #Django stack #TheFederation server? Check out our contribution guide for some guidelines.

For those new to #Socialhome or Django, there are some "newcomer" labeled issues which are good starting points for contributing to the project.

Fast code review guaranteed :)

15 days ago

A picture is worth a thousand words

#Socialhome really shines with image based content. Plan is to also have the possibility to view any stream with just the images it contains.

11 days ago (edited)

Playing around with mock-up for redesign of #Socialhome cards. As an idea, reactions could be #Slack like emojis instead of just a single like reaction.

Current looks like this (missing author info, reactions and timestamp):

What do you think?

22 days ago

Playing around with mock-up for redesign of #Socialhome cards. As an idea, reactions could be #Slack like emojis instead of just a single like reaction.

Want to give feedback? Please do in the GitHub issue - comments don't yet show in our end from around #TheFederation :)

22 days ago

Looks like #Socialhome oEmbed embeds not only single #Twitter tweets but whole user timelines. Neat to pin on your profile page 😎

24 days ago

New to #SocialHome.

Hello world. #firstpost

cybette here, you can also find me on Diaspora*

24 days ago (edited)

Try it!

Create an account and create some content!

Please note however that the software is in early stages and does not support a whole set of features from the federation layer, for example. Social interactions are not yet implemented, so comments and likes will not arrive back.

Please don't hesitate to give feedback, either using GitHub issues or on #socialhome channel on FreeNode (webchat link).

a month ago


Socialhome federates using the Diaspora protocol. This allows content to federate not only to other #Socialhome nodes, but also with nodes from #Diaspora, #Friendica and #Hubzilla.

Socialhome doesn't make a distinction between profile and other created content. All profile content you create can be pushed via the federation layer to other nodes in #TheFederation.

17 days ago (edited)

Hey yo, test


2 months ago