Interview of Jason Robinson of Socialhome


« In memory of Anthony Baldwin a.k.a. Tazman Sean Tilley wrote an interwiew of Jason Robinson about Socialhome. He created the project the-federation.info that makes statistics with Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla and Socialhome and others social networks. The idea was to offer a few words about each project and provide links to their project page...

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the federation - a statistics hub
Podlist and statistics for The Federation (diaspora*, Friendica, Hubzilla, GangGo, Socialhome).

Holger (HZ)

Does #socialhome generate an #rss #feed @{Socialhome HQ; hq@socialhome.network} ?

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A quick reminder how diverse Fediverse is in terms of programming languages:

 #Ruby: diaspora*, Mastodon, Libertree
 #PHP: GNU Social, Friendica, Hubzilla, postActiv
 #Python: Socialhome
 #Go: gangGo
 #Elixir: Pleroma
 #Rust: Fedibook
 #Nodejs: pump.io

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Diego Ariel

I am a proud diasporan but am curious if anyone wants to share their experiences with members of the federation other than #diaspora such as #friendica #hubzilla and #socialhome


the federation - a statistics hub
Podlist and statistics for The Federation (diaspora*, Friendica, Hubzilla).

Dalmatian Dan

Peut-être bientôt à la recherche d'un nouveau job

Bon, il est peut-être temps pour moi de changer de boulot. Du coup, pour les développeurs et développeuses qui me lisent : où est-ce que vous allez chercher des offres d'emploi ?

Si, par ailleurs, vous avez vent d'un poste de développeur sur Paris dans #Python, #Scala, #Kotlin ou #Rust, j'ai une XP de trois ans comme dev de micro-services web en #Java + 1 an de devops/admin sys sur des clusters d'inté continue (#Jenkins + #SonarQube)et sur cluster big data (#ElasticSearch, #Hadoop, #Spark). Je suis par ailleurs ancien contributeur de #diaspora (Ruby/Rails + Backbone/Handlebars + SCSS) et actuel contributeur pour #socialhome (Python/#Django + #VueJS/#Webpack + #SCSS) et Mageia (packageur #RPM officiel de Handbrake).

Des bisous.


Currently this node is aware of 2154 nodes with 1082380 registered users from the following platforms:

Friendica (305/711)
diaspora (211/631960)
red (19/0)
hubzilla (124/271)
GNU Social (180/1814)
StatusNet (11/0)
Mastodon (1274/447293)
Pleroma (27/331)
socialhome (3/0)

#Fediverse #Friendica #Diaspora #red #GNUSocial #StatusNet #Mastodon #Pleroma #socialhome @{Friendica Support; helpers@forum.friendi.ca}


It's #34c3 time and there is at least one talk about #federated social networks by Tobias Diekershoff. Check it out here (link to slides in the info page).

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The Federation

Blog [Basshero.org]

Fun reading old #blog posts from about 6 years back. The Wayback Machine is pretty cool. Probably have a database backup somewhere too but much more fun browsing a "live" site. The blog was self-made using the #Pylons we framework (now called #Pyramid). Source is on Bitbucket should anyone be interested :D

In 2012 I stopped writing blog stuff and instead concentrated on social media. #Socialhome still has some ideas for crossing the blog/socialmedia boundaries though, for example anonymous commenting, pinning blog entries as a blog stream, tag clouds, etc. Lets see what happens with that.


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Jason Robinson

New work laptop finally received the sticker treatment! 😍 Still plenty of space for some additions from #FOSDEM! Missing at least a #Python sticker and #Socialhome stickers are on the way.

Jason Robinson

Heyho, #fediverse! Here are some #stickers for #diaspora, #Mastodon, #GNUsocial and #Socialhome I'm not an artist (more of a hunter and gatherer). Dear #artists, if you want to add your own stickers, you are most welcome!

Please, spread the word :) And merry holidays to ya all 🎄


Today #Socialhome passed 1000 commits. Yay!

The commits have been put out as a video, check it out!


The visualization was made with Gource.

Want to contribute? Start here.

Socialhome HQ

#Django 2.0 released

Yay! This is huge! Why? #Python 2 support is now dropped. From the most popular Python web framework. ✌ Python 3 all the Pythons!

Still haven't updated to 1.11 with #Socialhome 😱 .. Need to get started on that right away, maybe continue directly to 2.0 if no third-party package complains!


Jason Robinson

So happy to have the quick reply feature finally done for #Socialhome, though only in the upcoming #Vue streams currently. Doesn't yet have image uploads or markdown buttons, those will be added later. For now there is a link to the full editor.

The upcoming Vue streams are available also on https://socialhome.network . To try them, go to preferences and set "Use new stream" on, or alternatively add ?vue=1 to any stream url (no need to register or log in). I'm already using the Vue streams all the time, so we're getting really close to finalizing the rest of the items and making them default. #Testing and #feedback welcome!


Jason Robinson

Socialhome v0.6.0 released

.. and we have a logo!

The logo, which highlights both the "home" and the "grid" aspects of #Socialhome, is contributed by lightone - thanks a million! <3 The documentation brand page has an SVG and various PNG's for download.

Major changes

Other user facing changes in this release include the following:

  • Profile "All content" streams now include the shares the profile has done.
  • Unknown shared content shared by a contact is now fetched from remote if it doesn't exist locally.
  • Modified timestamp is now used for when federating out to remote nodes. This makes edits federate more reliably to some remote platforms that support edits.
  • Fixed various OpenGraph related issues.
  • Fixed poor performance of loading replies. This regression happened when introducing replies for shares.

Additionally there are some #API changes and various other tweaks mainly interesting for people who run or would like to customize a Socialhome server. See the full changelog.

For developers, #Docker files now exist to do development without installing all the complex components required. See the developing with Docker documentation.

Release statistics

A total of 7 authors contributed to this #release which is a record so far! #Hacktoberfest helped bring in a few authors. A total of 77 commits were made, affecting 134 files, contributing to 3864 insertions and 865 deletions.

Up next

Right now there is still a lot of work being done on the #VueJS streams, thanks to Christophe Henry again for working on these. Current estimate is that the next release will replace the current #jQuery based streams with the new rewritten ones. This will introduce some feature updates, but mostly it will be an internal rewrite. What it does do though is open up more features to be added. The current streams code is not going to be expanded expect to fix bugs.

Once the Vue streams work is shipped, we're looking to work on long standing missing features like tag streams and limited visibility content. #ActivityPub federation will likely be pushed to early months of 2018.

What is Socialhome?

Socialhome is best described as a #federated personal profile with social networking functionality. Users can create rich content using Markdown. All content can be pinned to the user profile and all content will federate to contacts in the federated social web. Currently #federation happens using the #Diaspora protocol. Federating using existing protocols means Socialhome users can interact with tens of thousands of other users.

Please check the official site for more information about features. Naturally, the official site is a Socialhome profile itself.

Official site: https://socialhome.network.


Want to work on a #Django and Vue.js powered social network server? Join in the fun! We have easy to follow development environment setup documentation and a friendly chat room for questions.

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Socialhome HQ