Maybe a "dislike" option on social media would disrupt the "dopamine reward cycle" making this media less addictive. Maybe a "dislike" option on social media would make negative comments seem less necessary...

#diaspora #facebook #twitter #mastodon #firefox #chrome #socialmedia Please leave your likes and positive comments below. :P


Is there an addon for firefox that can force a "dislike option" on social network websites? A "button" that would enable you to send an automated "I don't like this." comment to a post from any social network you were logged into would do the trick. Anyone? #diaspora #facebook #twitter #mastodon #firefox #chrome #socialmedia


Aaand, we have a 12th gem in #Fediverse world? 🐣

It is 12th on my list of known federated networks, at least.

Fedibook by @banjofox

"A macroblogging free, open-source social network server, designed from the ground-up with privacy, security, and freedom in mind. The back-end is built on #Rust."

I love everything in that description.

Also have a look at Mastodon-Hardened by @kaniini.

Have you already hardened your #Mastodon? :p


mastodon-hardened - hardened fork of mastodon


Moi, j'aime pas quand je peux pas accéder à #mastodon chez Zaclys... à cause de #problèmes de #connexion et de #certificat avec #Firefox


As this pod is now going well, I was considering adding some new services to my fellow users, What would be the service you would prefer to have available here? #poll #ttrss #wallabag #mastodon


Open Source, dezentral und in der Hand der Community

Nur ein kleiner Post zu alternativen im sozialen Netzwerk. Die Platzhirsche Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Patreon und all die anderen sind (unterm Strich) Gewinn orientiert. Damit alleine hätte ich weniger ein Problem, wenn das nicht so dermaßen im Vordergrund stehen würde.[...]

#diaspora #duckduckgo #liberapay #mastodon #open-source
Quelle: https://blog.der-boese-metaller.de/open-source-dezentral-und-in-der-hand-der-community/

Open Source, dezentral und in der Hand der Community
Nur ein kleiner Post zu alternativen im sozialen Netzwerk. Die Platzhirsche Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Patreon und all die anderen sind (unterm Strich) Gewinn orientiert. Dami…

Tim Albers

OK, visionaries and creators, I know you're out there somewhere. Here are two ideas for you - free as in "please do it, so I don't have to". :)

1. Yet another #payments platform, team/project and personal accounts, FOSS oriented (or at least on the lines of meaningful activities), both for recurring donations and one-time (micro) tips, optionally allowing x-coins (replace 'x' with some crypto currency). The ongoing Patreon drama is making some waves. Here's an extensive list of alternatives by Snowdrift (also their payment services list - GNU Taler sounds interesting?). Seems like the best choice for recurrent donations today is #Liberapay. However, they don't plan to accept one-time donations and their processing platform's blacklist is, well, impressive. Personally, I like Liberapay but with no option for one-time "buy me a coffee", won't use it in any nearest future. Snowdrift is interesting too, but no personal tips.

2. Decentralized, privacy-friendly #dating As briefly touched here, #Mastodon, growing quickly, might be a good starting point. Also, I don't think anyone has done anything like that, while there're dozens of centralized, data harvesting, sort of boring solutions. ;)

Which are the black listed countries whe...
According to our anti-money laundering rules, MANGOPAY does not process payments in the following countries. These count...


#mastodon #censorship again. Being justified. I doubt #law was broken. https://mastodon.xyz/@status/99128426570677955

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

#twitter #freespeech is a facade. But having said that, they never suspended me or forced me to delete anything. Worst one: #mastodon

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

Yesterday #mastodon bragged about a million accounts, but did not say how many legitimate accounts it deleted at a whim. I won't return.

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

Image/photoMike Macgirvin wrote the following post Fri, 01 Dec 2017 02:05:30 -0200

One thing I've noticed with a series of recent newcomers, is that the first thing they expect is for Hubzilla to be some kind of Mastodon clone or even a Diaspora clone and are disappointed that it is not. I think one needs to set the scene before diving in.

Many of us have been living in a post-Facebook and post-Twitter world since 2010. We've built the tools we need to survive and thrive in this new world. Many of these tools don't look familiar or even useful to newcomers, and some may look bloody complicated. In this new world, we've been sharing videos and wedding photos/baby photos/ whatever privately with our friends and family for years. We're building wikis and blogs and personal "clouds" that all inter-operate and have social networking built-in. We don't even think of it as a social network any more, but more that in 2017 communicating with people across the planet is just part of what we do - it's part of our daily workflow. We aren't worried about site admins shutting down the site we're using. Our personal spaces are completely mirrored elsewhere or can be moved at the drop of a hat. We've got links to WordPress, Diaspora and Mastodon, we can import Outlook calendars from work, and drag and drop files from desktop or phone - and share all these things privately with friends, family, and/or co-workers if we choose. At first this world will seem alien and you'll probably think we're from another planet, but once you get past the initial culture shock - it kind of grows on you.- - - - - -

Una cosa que he notado con una serie de recién llegados es que lo primero que esperan es que Hubzilla sea algún tipo de clon de Mastodon o incluso un clon de Diaspora y están decepcionados de que no lo sea. Creo que uno necesita preparar la escena antes de zambullirse.

Muchos de nosotros hemos estado viviendo en un mundo post-Facebook y post-Twitter desde 2010. Hemos construido las herramientas que necesitamos para sobrevivir y prosperar en este nuevo mundo. Muchas de estas herramientas no parecen familiares o ni siquiera útiles para los recién llegados, y algunas pueden parecer muy complicadas. En este nuevo mundo, hemos estado compartiendo videos y fotos de bodas/fotografías de bebés/cualquier cosa en privado con nuestros amigos y familiares por años. Estamos construyendo wikis y blogs y "nubes" personales que se entrecruzan y tienen redes sociales incorporadas. Ya ni siquiera pensamos en ello como una red social, pero es más: en 2017 la comunicación con personas de todo el planeta es sólo una parte de lo que hacemos, es parte de nuestro flujo de trabajo diario. No nos preocupa que los administradores del sitio cierren el sitio que estamos usando. Nuestros espacios personales están completamente reflejados en otro lugar o pueden ser movidos sin pensarlo dos veces. Tenemos enlaces a WordPress, Diaspora y Mastodon, podemos importar calendarios de Outlook desde el trabajo, y arrastrar y soltar archivos desde el escritorio o el teléfono, y compartir todas estas cosas privadamente con amigos, familiares y/o compañeros de trabajo si lo deseamos. Al principio este mundo parecerá alienígena y probablemente pienses que somos de otro planeta, pero una vez que superes el choque cultural inicial, notarás como que crece en ti.

#diaspora #mastodon #facebook #twitter #wordpress .... #hubzilla #cms

Rafa Poverello

"I got banned from mastodon.xyz yesterday after a fakeleft “anarchist antifascist” crybully started and then lost an argument." http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2017/11/21/mastodon-free-speech/#comments #mastodon #censorship

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

I already lost about 1200 contacts and about 50000 posts of mine due to #mastodon kickout. I won't be going back there. Illiberal network.

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)

So now #mastodon is also banning followers of mine, who don't use slurs or anything https://twitter.com/NathanHawks_US/status/936675326540705792 Avoid Mastodon

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)