El problema de las cuentas... Pedro: Este año me tengo que poner al día con las cuentas. Juan: ¿Qué estás debiendo mucha plata? Pedro: No con las cuentas de #Diaspora, #GNUSocial, #Movim

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Diego Ariel

#Facebook, no gracias. Me encontrarás en #Diaspora, la red social de la libertad.

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Diego Ariel

Hey #diaspora admins,
what is your argument to give bigotry and racism a plattform?

Or to frame it differnt. What are your arguments to give a plattform for organising mass murder...yes it fuckin always starts somewhere.
1918 was't same as in 1943
and so is 2018 different then 2043 will be.

Question is, will you support racism or don't.


Your #help is needed to build a better #Diaspora.

At https://www.bountysource.com/teams/diaspora there is a list of tasks to improve Diaspora. Tasks can be problems to solve or new features for the social network Diaspora. You can donate some money to each problem based on your interest in improving Diaspora and programmers will work much faster on it. The more people donate, the better we will have a free and decentralized social network sooner rather than later.

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Diego Ariel

Tu ayuda es necesaria para construir una mejor Diaspora.

En https://www.bountysource.com/teams/diaspora hay una lista de tareas para mejorar Diaspora. Las tareas pueden ser problemas a resolver o características nuevas para la red social Diaspora. Puedes donar algo de dinero a cada problema en base a tu interés por mejorar Diaspora y los programadores trabajaran mucho mas rápido en ella. Cuantas más personas donen, tendremos una mejor red social libre y descentralizada antes de tiempo.

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Diego Ariel

(English translation to follow)

Salut Diaspora*. Je voudrais lancer un petit débat. Je suis en train de lire un livre (très intéressant) en ce moment : L’emprise numérique : comment internet et les nouvelles technologies ont colonisés nos vies (Cédric Biagini, 2012, ISBN : 9782915830675). Il se trouve que, hier, je suis tombé sur un passage qui évoque Diaspora*. Je souhaite le partager et connaître votre avis sur celui-ci.


Hi Diaspora*. I want to initiate a little debate. I’m reading a book (really interesting) : L’emprise numérique : comment internet et les nouvelles technologies ont colonisés nos vies (Cédric Biagini, 2012, ISBN : 9782915830675). It turns out that, yesterday, I just red a part that mention Diaspora*. I want to share it and know your opinion about it.

English translation (made by myself, it’s probably not perfect) :

“Some challengers to Facebook, that claimed themselves more ethical, more open, more responsable, a trying to rise. The network Diaspora seems to be borne in 2010 after a [law] conference at the university of Columbia where a teacher said that Mark Zuckerberg have done « more damage to the humanity than anyone of his age by spying his users ». A fact that we can share, [without consider ] that the spying of Facebook users is the only reason to hate Facebook. W would have been able to think that the public, convinced by this attack, will stay away from keyboard. Not at all, the response initiate by four students has been to create… a social network, open source, and that protect the data of the users. The alternative is reduced to the same thing that we denounce, but sprinkled of ethic : a form of voluntary servitude. Despite the 200.000 dollars collected at the opening of the site, he struggle to develop meanwhile other challengers are emerging, “socially responsible”, defenders of sustainable development and other baloneys, like Unthink or Thechangebook.org. That last one even want to be “the reference of the engage social network” : he only allow advertising with “ethical, ecological, socially or democratic betterment” and consider his members like “users-contributors” and not simply like “users”. Hazardous linguistic distinction when we know that more than 300.000 people participate to the Facebook translations, that have more than 70 languages, but mostly a social network can develop only because people contribute to it : they are the main resource, the workforce that allow the network to grow and, in the Facebook case, to Zuckerberg to prosper and more an more powerful.”



Bonjour à tous et toutes, je suis #nouvelleici ! J’aime #framasoft, et #diaspora !

Enora Le Meliner

There are some acounts on #diaspora that I can comment on their posts and others where I can't.

Does someone know the reason for that?
Is it cause they blocked everyone from comenting who is not their 'friend' or is it caused by somesort of incompatibility between some nodes.


Bonjour à tous ! je suis #nouvelleici Je découvre #diaspora je suis une grande curieuse et surtout de ce que je ne connais pas... ce qui fait beaucoup de choses! J ai cru comprendre su il fallait aussi mettre #fr


Hi diasporians and other gods,

I'm NOT #newhere (#neuhier / #hola), but I've installed #diaspora minor release successfully on my #pod ingtech.net, running on a #debian gnu/#linux "jessie" release 8.10 host instance for #amd64 (x86_64) hostsystems! BTW: really many thanks to all core developers, ruby coders & helpers of this genious, symptatic, stable & fully decentralized... 21th century hmmmmm... open source online social network project :) Sincerly, Vaxima

diaspora* social network

Vaxima (Ingmar S. Horn)

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------------------> Mi Amigo Diente De León (Taraxacum officinale)


¿Qué podría suceder si alguién comparte este vídeo en #Facebook?


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Diego Ariel

List and search users in #Diaspora

It would be desirable for users to appear in different search filters as long as they don't have the "Allow people to find you in diaspora* "checkbox checked.

The filters could be, users of a pod, by country, recently joined to Diaspora among other filters. What do you think of the proposal?

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Diego Ariel