When you get many notifications in Diaspora* where people discuss in a language you don't understand.

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Abhijith Balan
4 hours ago

Some basic #search on #Socialhome finally starting to come together. Only on my personal node atm though. Explains why many people got a follow from me just now as I'm eagerly searching and following people from my #diaspora contacts :) Remote direct match lookup is still to come though, so can't reach all pods who don't push over the relay system (btw, you should!). Currently the search is for profiles only. Tags will be added soon, after that full text for content.

On the technical side, after prototyping some solutions, went with django-haystack for the search framework and whoosh for the engine. Whoosh is a pure #Python backend with a file index. While this might not offer the performance we will need for large index full text search (from all content!), using Haystack on top means we can just switch transparently to #Elasticsearch at any time without touching pretty much any code - or even support using one or the other. Some people running nodes might not want to install ES.

Landing soon in master, you can try it at my own site if you are interested. It's basic but works.

#django #devdiary

Jason Robinson
9 hours ago

⚠️ Wahl der E-Mail Adresse zur Diaspora Anmeldung ⚠️

Da es immer wieder Probleme gibt, wenn Diaspora-User zur Anmeldung E-Mail Adresse aus dem Microsoft Umfeld z.B. hotmail, live oder outlook nutzen, kann ich nur jedem User empfehlen auf andere E-Mail Adressen auszuweichen.

Das Problem mit vorgenannten Adressen ist, dass Diaspora Pods regelmäßig, aus nicht nachvollziehbaren Gründen, auf den Black-/Blocklisten von Microsoft landen, was zur Folge hat, dass User, die diese Mail Adressen nutzen, keine Mails mehr vom Diaspora Pod erhalten.



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13 hours ago

Hey, #Diaspora podmins! I have an issue that I could use some help on.

I'm reviving my old website and account back from the dead - sean@deadsuperhero.com. My infrastructure is all up and running now, but a lot of pods have my account's old data cached on their end. This basically means that Diaspora people only see my old posts, and not my new ones. This is largely because my host has been down for about a year or so, and I've had to set up new infrastructure from scratch without any sort of backups to help me.

If podmins could somehow purge their copies of my account in their databases, that might allow me to reconnect to many people within the #Diaspora community. As it stands right now, a lot of pods aren't able to follow my new updates, partially because they think that my hub is dead still (also partially because I've lost many of my contact connections)


Sean Tilley
13 hours ago

Have just moved by #diaspora #pod #nginx load balancer to a UK datacentre (as it should have been in the first place), as the back end #diaspora network is hosted there. Hopefully, http://podupti.me updates quickly and shows it as being in the UK!

Social Network Pod Finder
Diaspora Pod Live Status. Find a Diaspora pod to sign up for, rate pods, find one close to you!

19 hours ago

Frage zu Diaspora: Was tun wenn eine Benachrichtigung nicht mehr als gelesen markiert werden kann ohne alle anderen Benachrichtigungen als gelesen zu markieren?

Ich habe hier noch sieben aktive Benachrichtigungen, sechs davon weil ich es so will (muss ich mir noch genauer anschauen), eine weil ich sie nicht als gelesen markieren kann, ohne die anderen aktiven Benachrichtigungen ebenfalls als gelesen zu markieren. Warum ich diese eine Benachrichtigung nicht als gelesen markieren kann? Ist offenbar ein Diaspora Bug der schon länger existiert (ich hatte es schon mehrere Male z. B. hier davon). Normalerweise gehe ich dann auf den auf die Beitragsseite und nach einen kurzen F5 bei den Benachrichtigungen ist die betreffende Benachrichtigung als gelesen markiert. Sehr umständlich und nervig, aber eine Notlösung. Aber was tun, wenn der Beitrag zu den Benachrichtigungen gelöscht wurde? Dann kann man die betreffende Seite nicht mehr aufrufen.

Also was tun?

Tags: #german #deutsch #diaspora #diaspora-zone #benachrichtigung #hilfe #frage #ravenbird #2017-07-24

a day ago

Hi !fediverse, does anyone knows a #Friendica public server which offers cross posting with #Diaspora, #GNUSocial and #Pump? And, if possible, with the possibility of reflecting RSS feeds. I'm considering to !selfhost, how difficult is to set up Friendica? Thx

2 days ago

Aah… Circonvolutions pathétiques d'un monde périmé… dont nous sommes heureusement libres par ici.


>12 euros, c'est ce que coûtent 1 000 followers sur #Twitter chez la plupart des sociétés qui vous vendent des amis par milliers. Des comptes factices, dormants, qui viennent gonfler artificiellement le nombre de vos suiveurs. Ce type de propositions existe aussi pour #Facebook ou d'autres réseaux, et pour augmenter de quelques dizaines de milliers le nombre de vues de vos vidéos sur #YouTube. > >Mais quel est l'intérêt ? C'est simple. Nous avons un comportement mimétique. Si quelqu'un est très suivi, nous le percevons comme un influenceur... et nous le suivons à notre tour. Ces entreprises ne font qu'utiliser le suivisme des folllowers.

Quelle grosse daubasse creuse ce Twitter…

Triste époque tout de même…

>Selon des critères définis avec leurs clients, [cette entreprise de merde] leur propose une sélection de comptes. [Cette entreprise de merde] amène [cette autre entreprise de merde, son client] à les suivre, et comme le suivi se fait de manière réciproque, il y a de fortes chances que ces personnes s'abonnent à leur tour au compte du client. Il suffit ensuite que le client se désabonne des comptes qui n'ont pas choisi de jouer la réciprocité.

On n'est alors pas DU TOUT dans l'agissement purement intéressé, pas du tout.

Cette publication sera donc le miroir de la publication précédente. Voir le monde par un seul prisme n'a pas de sens, il n'est pas noir ou blanc selon notre humeur, c'est un gros tas de gris, avec beaucoup, beaucoup de connards "suivistes", et une portion que je ne sais pas jauger, de personnes différentes et qui ont notamment un minimum d'autonomie intellectuelle, d'esprit critique, d'éthique, ou d'empathie, voilà tout…

Heureusement qu'il reste quelques îlots atypiques…

Alors à tous ceux avec qui j'ai pu me fritter par ici ou même que je bloque et que j'ignore (et qui ne verront donc jamais ce message ?), à tous les "trolls", sachez que je vous aime tout de même davantage que tous ces sombres suivistes…

#reseauxsociaux #diaspora #framasphere #libre

Amplifier un message sur les réseaux sociaux, avec ou sans humains
Des stratégies très élaborées pour développer sa présence sur les réseaux

2 days ago

Social-Relay version 1.4.0 released

This release adds compatibility with the latest #Diaspora #protocol changes. Also now Social-Relay will verify received payloads to ensure receivers get payloads from only resolvable valid senders.


What is the relay system?

The #relay system handles distribution of public content using the #Diaspora protocol. This helps new nodes get into the network and allows subscribing to hashtags from around the network. This is an unofficial network addition not directly related to the Diaspora protocol or project itself.

If as a #podmin you want to hook up to the relay system, do as follows:

  • Enable your outbound/inbound relay configuration in your Diaspora pod settings or for #Friendica / #Hubzilla check your own settings/documentation on how to do it.
  • Ensure your node is registered at The-Federation.info. The relay system polls this list for nodes to check.
  • Profit within one hour!

Discuss and improve

Let me know if you have ideas for improving the relay system or just questions about it. Contact me here, GitHub issues or via IRC.



  • Accept new style Diaspora public payloads without xml=payload form data.
  • Add profile model. Store remote profile handle + public key for later use, since we don't want to always fetch them.
  • Start validating signatures in sent payloads. This requires fetching remote profiles. Closes #31.

Ping @{David Morley; davidmorley@diasp.org}

social-relay - Public post relay for the Diaspora federated social network protocol

Jason Robinson
2 days ago

Resurrecting a very old account.

@{Hubzilla Support Forum+ ; support@gravizot.de} Okay, awesome! It would seem that my hub is operational, though I might have a few last kinks to iron out...

Effectively, I am resurrecting an old handle and account from the dead (sean@deadsuperhero.com). As such, there are probably a lot of #Diaspora accounts that are still linked to the old copy of my channel - meaning that my old posts are cached on Diaspora pods, and new updates don't seem to be getting pulled in from my new account.

I think I've dealt with something similar when migrating from RedMatrix to Hubzilla. Is there anything that I can do to reconnect with my old contacts, and update the cached profile pages that are sitting on Diaspora pods currently?

Sean Tilley
2 days ago

federation version 0.13.0 released

This #Python #federation library release mostly fixes compatibility with the latest #Diaspora federation protocol changes that are rolling out to some nodes.



Backwards incompatible changes

  • When processing Diaspora payloads, entity used to get a _source_object stored to it. This was an etree.Element created from the source object. Due to serialization issues in applications (for example pushing the object to a task queue or saving to database), _source_object is now a byte string representation for the element done with etree.tostring().


  • New style Diaspora private encrypted JSON payloads are now supported in the receiving side. Outbound private Diaspora payloads are still sent as legacy encrypted payloads. (issue)
    • No additional changes need to be made when calling handle_receive from your task processing. Just pass in the full received XML or JSON payload as a string with recipient user object as before.
  • Add created_at to Diaspora Comment entity XML creator. This is required in renewed Diaspora protocol. (related issue)


  • Fix getting sender from a combination of legacy Diaspora encrypted payload and new entity names (for example author). This combination probably only existed in this library.
  • Correctly extend entity _children. Certain Diaspora payloads caused _children for an entity to be written over by an empty list, causing for example status message photos to not be saved. Correctly do an extend on it. (issue)
  • Fix parsing Diaspora profile tag_string into Profile.tag_list if the tag_string is an empty string. This caused the whole Profile object creation to fail. (issue)
  • Fix processing Diaspora payload if it is passed to handle_receive as a bytes object. (issue)
  • Fix broken Diaspora relayables after latest 0.2.0 protocol changes. Previously relayables worked only because they were reverse engineered from the legacy protocol. Now that XML order is not important and tag names can be different depending on which protocol version, the relayable forwarding broke. To fix, we don't regenerate the entity when forwarding it but store the original received object when generating a parent_author_signature (which is optional in some cases, but we generate it anyway for now). This happens in the previously existing entity.sign_with_parent() method. In the sending part, if the original received object (now with a parent author signature) exists in the entity, we send that to the remote instead of serializing the entity to XML.
    • To forward a relayable you must call entity.sign_with_parent() before calling handle_send to send the entity.


  • Post.photos entity attribute was never used by any code and has been removed. Child entities of type Image are stored in the Post._children as before.
  • Removed deprecated user private key lookup using user.key in Diaspora receive processing. Passed in user objects must now have a private_key attribute.

Python library for abstracting social federation protocols

Jason Robinson
3 days ago

hm... for to link to a post adding .xml to the address does work no more... shows only

<hash><status>406</status><error>Not Acceptable</error></hash>

instead, use our Shmerl's simply explained version... you find it here…

#cross-pod #links #Diaspora #linking #pod

YA ∵ ⁹⎷π ⟶ ⧝
3 days ago

Your support for free software and the FSF


#fsf #software #freesw #gnu #linux #debian #ubuntu #diaspora

Diego Ariel Capeletti
3 days ago

I wish #diaspora interface was again as simple as #mastodon I keep pressing buttons only for >>other<< buttons to emerge Too 'smart' Dumb.

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)
4 days ago

Hey, j’ai loupé l’anniversaire ! Le 17 juin dernier, mon pod https://diaspora-fr.org avait 4 ans !

Le premier message : https://diaspora-fr.org/posts/1

#diaspora #diaspora-fr #anniversaire #décentralisons

diaspora* social network

4 days ago

I see a lot of posts - even public - without proper tagging, or any tags at all. That is such a pity. People follow tags to get relevant information, and posts with no tags will never get to them... Help Diaspora get better. Tag your posts :-) #diaspora #tags

Jette Thrane
4 days ago

#podmin #uptime #diaspora

pod.dapor.net is online again, after mysql breakdown this night.

#podmins please reschedule broken tasks to pod.dapor.net -thx

4 days ago

24 hours on Diaspora, and I already got the T-shirt :-D #diaspora https://shop.aptgetshirt.com/product/diasopra-t-shirt/

Jette Thrane
4 days ago

you see, one of the founders of #Diaspora is on #fb too... left working for D* 2012 :D

YA ∵ ⁹⎷π ⟶ ⧝
4 days ago

A symbolic donation challenge

Since you are reading this post I guess you are directly interested in the improvement of Diaspora*. As you probably know Diaspora* couldn't improve without the hard and enthusiastic work of the developers. That is why

I challenge you to give at least a symbolic €0.01/week amount to the Diaspora* developers

€0.01/week is not much. It just €0.52/year so probably you can easily afford that. I guess you throw away much more to buy some fancy junk you don't even need at all ;-)

Isn't €0.01/week too little?

Yes, it is symbolic, but it is much more than nothing.

Also it can be a lot if most of us are willing to join (especially if some of us are willing to give a bit more).

For example, imagine if just 1% of the currently registered users of the federation have been taking this challenge. That would mean about €65/week for the developers. Just 15% of the users that were active in the past 6 month could give €75/week this way. 70% of the monthly active users could give €105/week for the developers by this "symbolic" donation.

Of course, you are free and encouraged to give more. (I also do so.)

How to participate?

Please, also encourage others to join this cause by spreading the message and voting on the poll below.

#diaspora #developer #donation #liberapay #crowdfunding #freesoftware #free-software #opensource #open-source #foss #floss #gnu #freedom #privacy #poll #hubzilla #gnusocial #friendica #federation

Gergely (∀E∃A)
4 days ago

#Diaspora Test

Reply with what you see as my user name, that part visible. Something like "utzer...".


cat source

4 days ago

Hey everyone, I’m #newhere.

I don't know anyone on #Diaspora, but I decided to join. I despise companies like Facebook and Twitter, which exploit users. The idea of a federated social network, a social commons, really appeals to me.

I'm a democratic socialist. I primarily believe in the idea of a society based around equality. I would like to see the dismantling of corporate entities, and their conversion into co-operatives controlled equally by all the workers. I support all of my left-wing allies.

I'm an atheist. I cannot, personally, find any rationality in the belief of a god. Evolution is a fact. The 'Big Bang' is a fact. God is not necessary to explain any of what exists, or even life itself.

I'm a transgirl. I hate being trans, but I am what I am.

I'm an otaku. I don't classify myself as a particularly hardcore fan of anime and manga, and I find much of socially-conservative Japan to be unpleasant, but I do enjoy some Japanese entertainment. My favourite animes and mangas include High School DxD, Steins;Gate, Angel Beats, Assassination Classroom, Space Dandy, and World Conquest Zvezda Plot.

I'm a furry, and I'm a brony. I've been fascinated with furry characters since watching Disney cartoons as a child, especially the Disney Afternoon series, like Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers. My favourite pony fluctuates wildly, but right now my pick is Big Macintosh.

I am a gamer. I try to purchase all my gaming content on GOG.com, which sells DRM-free products. I am dismayed by Steam's bizarre approach toward their community, and the lack of human oversight that has allowed malicious customers and malicious developers to continue to abuse the Steam network. The games I enjoy playing vary wildly, but I do like roleplaying games (RPGs), real-time strategy games (RTSes), adventure games, and MMO games.

If anyone takes the time to read all (or part) of this, thank you! :)

4 days ago

#diaspora continues to grow Same for #mastodon #twitter #censorship drove me to even joining #gab We need substitutes Twitter=social control

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)
5 days ago


5 days ago

>apt-get shirt just contributed to diaspora* on Bountysource! $50 has been added your team account and can be used to post bounties or make team contributions.

Wow, thank you @{apt-get shirt; apt_get_shirt@pod.disroot.org}! You said you were going to make donations once you sold the shirts but I didn't expect it to be that fast! Many datalove to you! <3

For those not aware, you can buy a diaspora* shirt and as you can see, a part of the money goes directly to the diaspora* project.

Here is mine btw:

#diaspora #aptgetshirt #community #donations

6 days ago