Reading this, I initially thought #iran has underground #diaspora pods set up https://boingboing.net/2017/04/25/outmoded-censorship.html #censorship #propaganda

Iran sucks at censoring apps, so the Persian diaspora is using them for unfiltered political discussion

Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)
6 hours ago

New topic at /r/diaspora

Proposed German law highlights the importance of distributed hosting and decentralization

To further iterate why I consider pod synchronization or IPFS support an essential feature for Diaspora and its goals, I would like to bring to everyone's attention a newly proposed law in Germany know as the Social Media Law: The law proposes that companies such as Facebook and Twitter are fined up to €50, with individual employees facing fines up to €5, for failing or refusing to censor speech deemed illegal by the German state. Any commercial website with more than 2 million users will be forced to police its content, under the pretext of fighting hate speech and fake news, resulting in a perfect system of censorship that can be used to gag any individual expressing inconvenient thoughts. Social media sites are given between 24 hours and 7 days to remove content deemed illegal, based on how obvious the legality of the content is considered. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-fakenews-idUSKBN16L14G http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/14/14920812/germany-facebook-twitter-hate-speech-fine-law http://www.fortune.com/2017/03/14/germany-hate-speech-legislation http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/04/germany-seeks-fine-social-media-hateful-posts-170405154831106.html http://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/06/germany-fake-news-fines-facebook-twitter.html Because Diaspora uses single pods located in fixed physical locations, pod owners refusing to censor content and not interfering with the free speech of their users may face colossal fines! For this and other reasons, many of which have been explained by the founders of the IPFS protocol, I ask Diaspora to please consider a system for distributed hosting of content in order to prevent reliance on single servers that represent points of failure. https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/7360 https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/7416 submitted by /u/MirceaKitsune [link] [comments] Read more at: https://www.reddit.com/r/diaspora/comments/67h6e2/proposed_german_law_highlights_the_importance_of/

#diaspora #reddit

Germany Plans to Fine Social Sites That Don't Remove Hate Speech
Facebook, Google and Twitter could be penalized if they don't police content quick enough.

10 hours ago



** #diaspora #conversation #newhere #society #history

I’ve been on Diaspora for a few weeks now and this is what I think about it.

I think there should be a word meaning “people who are on Diaspora”; I suggest “Diasporates” and I will use it from now on.

First let me thank those kind Diasporates who have helped me with the transition from other forums. I won’t mention any names because they may not wish to be mentioned but some have been very generous and considerate. I do appreciate it. I am not technically minded so discussions about coding or other arcane matters are way over my head and I’m afraid I cannot contribute to them. There are still some day-to-day aspects of the site that I don’t understand and I sometimes fear that I am not getting the best out of Diaspora.

When I first came here I wasn’t sure what I was doing and I have listed as Contacts several people with whom I don’t seem to have much communication. I may remove some of them from my list of contacts but I don’t wish to cause offence by doing so. Please feel free to send me a message if I take you off the list and you want to be restored to it. This doesn’t mean that I only want to talk to people who agree with me; far from it. There is great value (and fun) in conversation with people on the other side of the fence. All that is necessary is to keep in mind that people who disagree with us can be both intelligent and sincere. Having said that I must also say that some beliefs stretch credulity to the snapping point. If you believe that vaccines cause autism or that vapour trails are part of a plot to sap our vital bodily fluids or that the earth is flat or that a god created the universe I’m not going to bother debating about it . The golden rule is that you are perfectly free to believe any silly thing you like, just as I am perfectly free to laugh at it. On the other hand, a preference for one political party or one social system over another is a disagreement of a totally different kind and one on which it is possible (though not inevitable!) that an intelligent debate can be conducted.

I welcome any responses.

Peter Gardner
a day ago

[Na opinião de quem desenvolve, que rede está mais estável e com a #...](https://diasporabr.com.br/posts/2212726 "")

Na opinião de quem desenvolve, que rede está mais estável e com a #Federação mais fluída? #Hubzilla #Diaspora ou  #friendica? Qual destas redes possuia comunidade mais participativa?
#federation #RedesLivres #RedesLibres

Comente no original: https://diasporabr.com.br/posts/2212726

Na opinião de quem desenvolve, que rede está mais estável e com a #...
Na opinião de quem desenvolve, que rede está mais estável e com a #Federação mais fluída? #Hubzilla #Diaspora ou #friendica? Qual destas redes possuia comunidade mais participativa? #federation #RedesLivres #RedesLibres

a day ago

#DeltaChat project is looking for help to implement end-to-end #encryption

People with experience in related knowledge are welcome to participate at https://github.com/r10s/deltachat-core/issues/6#issuecomment-296748173

#android #cryptography #privacy #diaspora

Add End-To-End-Encryption · Issue #6 · r10s/deltachat-core
In addition to the transport encryption provided by the E-Mail-providers, we should add a End-To-End-Encryption (E2EE), if possible, compatibe to the PGP-system used by other clients - but far easi...

a day ago

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Wait - are the pods interconnected?

I'm looking for someone on diaspora, and searched them - no results. Are they not in my pod, or not on diaspora... submitted by /u/AspiringExpat [link] [comments] Read more at: https://www.reddit.com/r/diaspora/comments/677d3b/wait_are_the_pods_interconnected/

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Wait - are the pods interconnected? • r/diaspora
I'm looking for someone on diaspora, and searched them - no results. Are they not in my pod, or not on diaspora...

2 days ago

C'est parti pour une semaine sans #Twitter ni #Facebook Je suis sur #Mastodon @nizarus@mamot.fr #Diaspora nizarus@joindiaspora.com #woollyweek

Nizar Kerkeni
2 days ago

Diaspy project -- looking for a new maintainer

Hello everyone.

You may know me as a maintainer of Diaspy, a fork of the original Python interface to Diaspora* written by @{cocreature ; javafant@pod.geraspora.de} (who, sadly, seems to be no longer active on D*). Today I cleaned up some long-outstanding issues in the repository, and decided that it's time to move on.

I haven't been actively developing the project since about two, three years now. In the meantime D* steams ahead and is stronger than ever - the fact about which I am exceptionally happy, and I am grateful that there are people who devote their time to the network.

The responses D* generates now seem much better now than these two years ago when I was last actively involved. I guess it should be now easier to extend and maintain bindings for different languages (but I don't know in what state is the official API).

For what it's worth, I will give you assistance in getting started with the project and try to help if you'll have any questions about the code, but ultimately I'd like to leave the maintainer's seat. There are problems with Diaspy (some requests are rejected by D* as "unauthorized"), so there would be some work involved in getting the project in shape again, but if you're willing to stand up and take the task - feel free to write me a private message on D* or open an issue on Github and say that you'd like to carry on with the project.

Happy hacking!

#diaspora #diaspy #programming #hacking

PS. @{diaspora* HQ ; hq@pod.diaspora.software} Could you reshare this to help me reach more people? Thanks.

Marek Marecki
2 days ago

Марксистам Диаспоры посвящается :) Dedicated to Marxsists of Diaspora :)

#cats #diaspora #lang_ru

2 days ago

Does anyone run a pod at Heroku hosting ? #diaspora #pod #hosting #heroku

2 days ago

Решил не переходить с #Diaspora на #Friendica, несмотря на то, что последняя умеет в #GNU #Social и др. И вот почему. В качестве мобильного клиента для Friendica предлагается использовать совместимые с GNU Social API, например, #Twidere или #AndStatus. Но проблема в том, что Diaspora -- это не #Twitter или, скажем, #Mastodon, если в Diaspora кто-то запостит штук 5 изображений, то в AndStatus отобразится лишь одна. То есть как-то не круто использовать Diaspora, как Twitter.
На десткопе, конечно, такой проблемы нет, и вообще Friendica -- вещь хорошая, но всё же не как клиент Diaspora, а скорее сама по себе и, как клиент #StatusNet или Twitter, ИМХО.

2 days ago

Hello guys,

Can someone show me a #link or a #tutorial with what I have to do to connect my #diaspora account to #twitter and #mastodon? I would like to post on #twitter and have the messages automatically posted on the other two channels

Many #thanks for your help :)

(thinking to do that also with my #facebook account)

Dorin Chiritoiu
3 days ago

One way to become rich and famous....🤑🌟

[ #bounty #belohnung #diaspora #programming #support ]


4 days ago

Update done.

https://pod.togart.de has been updated to latest release. See here for more information: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/releases/tag/v0.6.5.0

[ #diaspora #podmin #update #togart ]

diaspora* social network

5 days ago

A bit of a bumpy ride, but https://pod.jns.im has been #upgraded to #diaspora #

diaspora* social network

Jason Schwerberg
6 days ago

https://pod.dapor.net has been updated to latest release. See here for more information: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/releases/tag/v0.6.5.0

#poddapornet #podmin #diaspora

diaspora* social network

6 days ago

#joindiaspora should do this too tbqh

#UI #UX #diaspora

6 days ago

¡Tiempo para un café mientras que publico en #Diaspora! Time for a coffee while I publish in #Diaspora!


6 days ago

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diaspora* version released!

submitted by /u/denschub [link] [comments] Read more at: https://www.reddit.com/r/diaspora/comments/666h1r/diaspora_version_0650_released/

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diaspora* version released! • r/diaspora
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7 days ago

diaspora* version released!

As scheduled, a new minor release is now released. Over the past six weeks, we have managed to collect 42 commits made by 8 contributors for this minor release.

A huge thanks to all the contributors from diaspora*'s amazing community! If you want to help make diaspora* even better, please check out our getting started guide. Please see the changelog for a complete list of changes made in this release.

Notable Changes

  • Add links to liked and commented pages
  • Increase visual spacing between list items
  • Reduce conversation recipient size and add avatar fallback for typeahead and conversations
  • Increase maximal height of large thumbnail on mobile


Update instructions are available as usual in the wiki. For those of you who have been testing the release candidate, run git checkout master before the update to get back to the stable release branch.

Next minor freeze ( 2017-05-21
Next release ( 2017-05-28

diaspora* Rapid Release: ICS feed, HTML version.

#diaspora #announcement #release #0650

diaspora* HQ
7 days ago

"With no adult in the room to ban or verify users, plus the added confusion of duplicate usernames with different domains, Mastodon is likely to be a hotbed of impersonation, at least in certain pockets."

*sigh* Yes seems only us decentralization-nerds deserve our freedom.

(On a side note, I guess network-wide unique usernames would be possible, even without a full-blown #blockchain)


#internet #it #tech #technology #social #media #socialmedia #socialnetwork #socialnetworks #decentralization #federation #p2p #mastodon #diaspora #naming

Mastodon Is the Better Twitter We Can't Handle and Don't Deserve
Mastodon's open and old-school approach just doesn't cut it on the modern web.

herzmeister der welten
7 days ago

WooHhoooo i just hit 8,000 followers <br><br>Dean (@theunseenones) • Instagram photos and videos • https://goo.gl/AF5pDe <br> Image <br>⚡️💋 #sexii_stef ❤️💋📷 #sexii_stef #dress #hot #body #abs #instababe #instagirl #babe #model #diaspora #beauty #weed #420 #marijuana 💚 #cannabis #relaxing #pose⚡️ #photooftheday #picoftheday #babesofinstagram 😍 @theunseenones ❤️💋 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ <br><sub>

via Diaspora* Publisher -</sub>

Dean (@theunseenones) • Instagram photos and videos
5,858 Followers, 7,223 Following, 71 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Dean (@theunseenones)

Dean Theunseen
7 days ago

If ever I feel the need to melt my brain, I'll just scroll through the public activity stream...


7 days ago

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what is cooler for a spora domain, .space or .zone?

gimme your opinion, thanks! submitted by /u/nyvou [link] [comments] Read more at: https://www.reddit.com/r/diaspora/comments/662vtc/what_is_cooler_for_a_spora_domain_space_or_zone/

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7 days ago

#Diaspora #Sociedad #Comportamiento

La verdad que no me agrada mucho tener que dar explicaciones sobre las publicaciones que hago en Diaspora, pero todas las fotos de parejas del mismo sexo que publico tienen el fín de VISIBILIZAR, lo común es un hombre + una mujer y el mundo tiene un arcoriris de diversidad no solo el blanco y negro. El mundo es heteronormativo e impone su heteronormatividad en todos los aspectos de esta vida, a la persona que se sienta molesta, herida o le de asco la invito a que deje de seguirme, no voy de dejar de publicar esa clase fotos, ¡gracias por leer!

The truth is that I do not like having to give explanations about the publications I make in Diaspora, but all the photos of same-sex couples I post have the purpose of VISIBILIZING, the common thing is a man + a woman and the world has an rainbow of diversity, not only the black and white. The world is heteronormative and imposes its heteronormativity in all aspects of this life, the person who feels annoyed, hurt or disgusting I invite you to stop following me, I will not stop publishing that kind of photos, thanks for reading!

Jose Luis
8 days ago

Guys are crazy !

#mastadon #diaspora

8 days ago

Att.: #Datataffel

Please read this post:

If you are running a version of diaspora*'s software earlier than v0.6.3.0, please read the following important notice:

Our next major version,, will include our new federation protocol. This will greatly improve federation in the network and beyond. However, its introduction will break communication with pods running older software.

Full forward-compatibility with the new protocol was introduced in If you are running any version older than this, please update to the latest version to make sure your pod will still be a full part of the network when v0.7.0.0 is released.

We already missed the diaspora* security release announced ~19 days ago.

[ #diaspora, #security, #compatibility, #federation ]

Klaus Alexander Seistrup
8 days ago