Tis the season to help your #diasporg #podmin raise the cash to pay the server for the year! I started the normal PBS style marathon on the top of the screen, it goes away when we hit the goal! Thanks everyone that can help diasp.org pay it's bills for 2018.

As you can see today the new server is much faster and the experience is not as long to get the data to load, that raised the bills just a hair, but other things like free SSL certs offsets a lot of that!

A lot of options for diasp.org users to help out: https://diasp.org/supportyourpod

(wonder who will catch my bad math this morning, pre-coffee division not my game) #diaspora #donate #supportyourpod

Cheers to another great year!

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Davìd M

kurzfristiges #diaspora #treffen am #hbf #frankfurt ??

;) warte auf den #ice725 nach München


Dziś na Weekendzie Kapitalizmu przedstawiłem dwie krótkie prezentacje:

• o #proof_of_stake, czyli czym zastąpić pracę w kryptowalutach, oszczedząjąc energię i tym samym pieniądze; • o zdecentralizowanych sieciach społecznościowych.

Wystąpienie można obejrzeć na Youtube (polecam też inne prezentacje w ramach LiberTalks, m.in. drugą, o ochronie środowiska).

#kryptowaluty #Diaspora #Mastodon #decentralizacja #Polska #Warszawa #kapitalizm #WeekendKapitalizmu

Weekend Kapitalizmu
Zjazd sympatyków kapitalizmu - moralnego systemu politycznego dostarczającego dobrobyt ludzkości. 18-19 listopada, Warszawa - koniecznie weź udział!

Krzysztof Jurewicz

https://diasp.org server move tomorrow at 7am PT - I expect downtime to be 2-3 hours. Updates https://twitter.com/diasporg

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Davìd M

Hey, I'm #newhere at #diaspora.

I'm 16 years old, into modern and retro #gaming, #technology (running Windows XP, MacOS and Lubuntu 17.10 - I want to change the latter to Debian 8 LXDE) and #art, particularly anime art and Touhou Project. I don't really have any political beliefs except that it should be beneficial to all people of a country most.

Hope I have fun here at diaspora*!

十六夜 フランドール

WP to diaspora* 2.1.0 is out!

It's been a while since new features have been added, which is a good thing I hope, telling me that what is there is what the users want.

In this release however, there are 3 new filters and a new display option ("None").

If you already use WP to diaspora* for your WordPress site, be sure to update. Newcomers can either get it directly in their WP Admin panel, or check it out here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-to-diaspora/

As always, if you have any suggestions, critique, whatever, the GitHub issues page (or here if you like) is the place to post 👌

Enjoy the latest and greatest version, 2.1.0.

#wordpress #diaspora #plugin #update #wp2d #wp-to-diaspora #social #sharing

WP to diaspora
Automatically share your WordPress posts on your diaspora* profile.

Armando Lüscher

#dua_advert #diaspora #werbung

das Bild nochmal mit etwas mehr Licht. sofern das im November möglich ist.


"Public exposure to a degree is security." -Bill Binney

Well, it's probably better if everyone knows something about you than just Stasi...

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Who here uses the chat feature regularly?

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#diaspora <3


#diaspora #dia_advert #werbung

bei Licht sieht es etwas besser aus. Versuche morgen noch eins zu machen. aber das gelbe vom ei ist es leider nicht geworden :(

wollte nur direkt was posten.


Hey #Diaspora, I'm currently investigating an issue in the hopes of providing cross-post support to #Mastodon; do any of the Diaspora devs know how our cross-posting service feature works, and what is required currently to add new services?

I know of a very old document on the old Diaspora wiki, but I'm concerned that it's not at all up-to-date.

Issue here: https://github.com/diaspora/diaspora/issues/7494

Automatically Cross-Post to Mastadon · Issue #7494 · diaspora/diaspora
In the "Services" section of settings you allow posts to be automatically cross-posted to other social media like Twitter. Would you please add the ability to automatically cross-post to Mastadon. ...



diaspora Easyshare - Info*

This is a major update to migrate the add-on to the WebExtensions APIs and allow it to work with Firefox 57 Quantum.

GREAT!!! :)

#Diaspora #Firefox #freesoftware


#Saludos #Greetings #Diaspora #Gif

¡Que tengan un hermoso Jueves! - Have a beautiful Thursday!

Jose Luis

When you embed soundcloud links into a diaspora post it introduces trojan spyware (sb.scorecardresearch.com). If you have a good privacy extension on your browser like Privacy Badger it will block it. Make sure you have privacy enabled on your browser. #privacy #diaspora #soundcloud

Niccolo L'Oscuro