#Bootstrap 4 Beta is finally out

Yay! No more broken stuff every new alpha ;) BS4 is super cool.



Bootstrap 4 Beta

Jason Robinson

Chat with us on #Matrix

We've now a #socialhome:matrix.org room on Matrix too, in addition to our IRC and Gitter rooms. All these rooms are bridged, so you only need to join one to talk to participants in all three.

#Django developer?

Want to help build a cool social network site that federates with #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, and in the future #Mastodon too? Come talk and join in, help is required!

Here are some buzzwords from our technical stack: #Django, #Channels, #Bootstrap 4, #jQuery, #Masonry, #RQ, #PostgreSQL, #uWSGI, #Circus, #Mocha, #federation, #Haystack, #Whoosh. And coming up, #VueJS.


Socialhome HQ

Profile content stream + minor redesign

Added now a new "All content" stream for each profile. This can be found in the user profile. It is always rendered by default if the profile is remote or is a local profile with no pinned content.

Also related to this a minor redesign of the profile page. The "stamped" area with profile information is now centered with two columns on xl-large screens, two columns on left for large screens and full-width on medium or smaller. It now has a user actions drop-down for modifying settings or profile content, and for other user profiles there are the home/follow/unfollow buttons as in stream content.

The navbar also received a rewrite as bumping a #Bootstrap 4 alpha version broke things again.


Would love to receive feedback on the usefulness of the profile stream, or streams in #Socialhome in general. If you have tried Socialhome, did you find the grid layout useful or confusing?

It is likely the design will live quite a bit in the future. The current one was really a "let's try this" idea which still needs to be proven. Underneath the code is starting to suffer from "spaghetti code" problems with lots of #jQuery events firing to pull the strings. I'm seriously considering rewriting the stream with either #React or maybe #Vue. Before that happens, it would be nice to have a clearer idea of the future stream #UX.

If you want to give feedback or discuss these things, feel free to leave some comments here or get in touch via chats or GitHub issues. Private messages don't yet work in the #federation layer so please don't send those yet.

Project info

As a reminder for new readers. Socialhome is a #Django powered project aiming to create a platform that allows users to create a simple social profile with dynamic content. All content is federated using the #Diaspora protocol. Streams are in a central role, and we plan to have many types of streams, including custom per user streams.

You can find the code here and some documentation. The official site is https://socialhome.network which is a Socialhome instance itself and open for registration. Feel free to play around and feedback is always welcome!

#devdiary #changelog

Socialhome HQ - Socialhome

Socialhome HQ

#web #design #frontend #framework #Bootstrap vs #Foundation


Some more #coding lessons done during lunch. Now learning #bootstrap.

Rex Mundi

Template Engine #Nodejs

Purée, je ne sais pas quel template engine utiliser avec #node et #express. Je vais avoir peu de vues dont j'aimerais garder la maîtrise en html/css (et ne pas utiliser le moteur pour générer l'intégralité des vues comme le propose Jade). D'ailleurs, il va y avoir peu de variables dans ces vues. Donc, je cherche un template engine léger et compatible avec #bootstrap.

Z'avez des pistes les amis ?

Jean-Pierre Morfin

Lots of work on #poduptime over the last month or two.

First thanks to @{Armando Lüscher ; noplanman@diasp.eu} for helping, coding, teaching, motivating and being patient with me (a hobbyist developer at best I am). AND for a HUGE cleanup, if you look at the old code vs the new code it is about 50% less and much easier to read and understand. Will be easier if others want to fork and help for sure, the old code base looked like the inside of my brain, not pretty.

Some top changes I can think of we worked on:

  1. 3rd party stats are no longer needed, we gather them on our own now
  2. Podmins can make a statement about their pod, include links to policies etc
  3. Bootstrap clean up, better responsive design use, better on mobile
  4. Some stats, more to come but now that we are gathering data we can offer more in the future
  5. Much more accurate data on pods than before
  6. Pods can be added and claimed by podmin later, all pods with nodeinfo supported
  7. Check for DNSSEC and SSL cert status
  8. Dropped support for http pods, you should be using encryption! (I don't think anyone was left not)
  9. General cleanup of terms and looks to be more non-tech user readable
  10. Notify podmin when pod is considered bad and something is wrong

Give it a try! https://dev.podupti.me is the test site, will push the code to the production site after some more burn in time.

For users of the API, we made the original API stay the same and use the same data types, BUT we will be making a V2 API that will impact the URL and the formats to the data, so please watch the repo on github if you use the API data from podupti.me and think about changing to the V2 API when it's up.

#diaspora #podmin #bootstrap

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