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Progressive Alliance is a non-partisan, grassroots, non-violent movement, uniting, informing and mobilizing the community towards a just, united and a more humanitarian nation. We want to help educate, motivate and mobilize people in order to achieve that.

We believe unity, organization and reflection is the key to achieve real progress and true Democracy in America. This is why we urge everyone to collaborate to help bringing together grassroots organizations, non-profits, youths and seniors, workers, teachers, artists, progressive leaders and everyone interested in transforming America to a more caring nation from the bottom up.

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Chapter II: The Ratchet Effect - Stop Me Before I Vote Again

"Over time, the Democratic Party has assumed the role of ensuring that the countervailing pressure from the Left doesn't happen. The party contains and neutralizes the Left, or what there is of it. Left voters are supposed to support the Democrat, come what may -- and it's amazing how many of us have internalized this supposed obligation -- but they are not allowed to have any influence on the party's policies, either during the campaign or during the Republicans' infrequent holidays in opposition."


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The Ratchet Effect


To begin with, Catalonia is far from oppressed under any sensible analysis. It’s one of the highest-income regions in Spain, representing about a fifth of its GDP. Catalans are more educated and have lower unemployment than the Spanish average. Since 1977, Catalans have enjoyed a regional government vested with extensive powers in tax matters, education, public services and foreign representation, and they use and promote their own language to the point of marginalising Castilian (Spanish), which happens to be the most widely spoken language in Catalonia. - #catalan #nationalism is #not the #progressive #cause you might think https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/08/simple-facts-catalan-secessionism-selfish-goal

Miguel Ungooglable

Ein Sonntag mit Cabaret Noir Heute haben wir etwas Besonderes für euch. Zu Gast sind die großartigen BIRDEATSBABY aus Brighton | UK. Euch erwarten eine Mischung aus Piano getriebenem Gothic-Pop, vereint mit dunklen orchestralen Klängen und der einzigartigen Stimme von Mishkin Fitzgerald.

Seit 2005 – dem Sampler „Project presents: A Dark Cabaret“ – des US-amerikanischen Labels Projekt Records, ist die Genrebezeichnung 'Dark Cabaret' für Bands wie The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer oder Katzenjammer Kabarett gesetzt, in welches sich auch Birdeatsbaby einreihen. Die Band beeindruckt durch visuell inszenierte Live-Auftritte und infame Videos und zeigen, dass ihre eigenartig bizarre und doch wunderschöne Welt etwas ist, was unbedingt entdeckt werden muss. http://www.birdeatsbaby.co.uk/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu6pEtqTqCVhjorOh1leUgw/videos #dark #cabaret #progressive #orchestral #rock #birdeatsbaby #darkwave #gothic #pop #EBM #concert #DIY #oldenburg #feelthedarkness #alhambra

The official website and hub of Birdeatsbaby. Alternative 'indie noir' band from Brighton, UK.