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Chrome bleicht das Internet aus
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#Chromium Appears To Be Advancing Their #Linux #VR State https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Chromium-Linux-VR-State But #firefox can capture #gnu #linux users better

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I found this add-on accidentally on Firefox Profilemaker. Before it, I used NoScript on Firefox and ScriptSafe on Chromium-based browsers. But uMatrix has changed everything. The only idea that I thought in that moment, why no one didn't make something similar before. Look, every such extension, whatever the platform, uses simple conception - blocks third-party scripts and make exceptions rules for domains. And for some fucking news sites which use a dozen of third-party scripts just to show image and video on themselves, it very bored - open extension window, add some exception, update, again and again. And often new domains are requested only after adding exceptions for others.

But uMatrix works differently. First, it keeps a history of changes within working tab, you can press Update again and again, and extension area will not change but new requests will be added. You always will see which domains were requested before the update and how it changes the result. Then, every rule what you created will be saved in temporary rules list. So you always see which rules are working globally and which you made in this session and could revert them. It's very-very handy when you trying to find out some key combination, for example for playing embedded youtube video. Moreover, uMatrix allows you to chose what type of content you allow to load on the current domain from other. For example, it could be Referrers from a subdomain of a domain. But any other type of content will be forbidden, and even from other subdomains. But the rule also can be global for a domain. Spoofing exceptions also supported. It's hard to describe, you should try. You see it in the handy Matrix view...

enter image description here

...and could edit after in text form.

enter image description here

You also have the ability to download filter lists, for automatic block suspended domains. Everything just like in beloved uBlock.

enter image description here

Script blocker extensions were never so handy before, as I found it! Just try it, and you will never to look on other.

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uMatrix: Point and click matrix to filter net requests according to source, destination and type

Alexander Dikov

When we thought that nothing more on browsers market...Vivaldi expands the horizon.

I just define main features that make #Vivaldi very sexy and attractive:

  1. Extended work with tabs. You can select, group, rename and show them simultaneously on the screen in stack mode. Out-of-the-box.
  2. WebUI - finally, you don't need more search for extensions just to make this panel darker. You can define main colors and even change something individually with custom #CSS styles. You can even hide everything at all) It's not ultimate control, not, but it's more than traditional browsers offers.
  3. Tabs Hibernation - It saves your memory by putting inactive tabs into hibernation.
  4. Command panel - it's like Sublime or Atom but not so customizable at the moment. In any case, F2 will can be the main entry point for daily surfing. And if you install Vimium extension you will be able to work almost with no mouse)
  5. Bookmarks to rule everything. Speed Dial Panels and Bookmarks Bar are just folders of Bookmarks. You can switch a mode of folders on-the-fly with no any reorganization. You don't need more monstrous Speed Dial extensions with an appropriate data format. Just sync your bookmarks (not built-in, but you can use extensions for it), mark the folders and go.

And many other small things and shortcuts that could be useful but not so critical, IMHO.

Cons (subjectively):

  1. Doesn't support #OpenSearch at the moment, and also import Search Engines from latest #FireFox.
  2. Small bugs like selection under middle-button and extra gaps when unpinned.
  3. Doesn't allows to create custom commands.

And, of course, I can't ignore that fact, that we can't trust the software because not open-source. But personally, I don't think that their monetization model is hidden. From start, Vivaldi contains dozens of predefined bookmarks to internet-shops and news networks. Most of them redirected from special links on Vivaldi.net domain. If it isn't paid advertisement, then I don't know)

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Vivaldi Browser | Fast &amp; Flexible Web Browser
Vivaldi is a free, fast web browser designed for power-users. You decide how you browse. Download Vivaldi's fully customisable browser now and browse your way.

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#Chromium Now Supports GPU Sandboxing With #Radeon #Graphics On #Linux http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Radeon-Chrome-Sandbox

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Banana Pi M2 Berry: Per SATA wird der Raspberry Pi attackiert - Golem.de
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Vivaldi Browser Tips


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