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Right, 3 days in flu, starting to recover. Time to start getting back to online life :P

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Honest FCC Advert: Net Neutrality


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HU Art Sound (2)



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Aaand, we have a 12th gem in #Fediverse world? 🐣

It is 12th on my list of known federated networks, at least.

Fedibook by @banjofox

"A macroblogging free, open-source social network server, designed from the ground-up with privacy, security, and freedom in mind. The back-end is built on #Rust."

I love everything in that description.

Also have a look at Mastodon-Hardened by @kaniini.

Have you already hardened your #Mastodon? :p


mastodon-hardened - hardened fork of mastodon


A quick reminder how diverse Fediverse is in terms of programming languages:

  • #Ruby: diaspora*, Mastodon, Libertree
  • #PHP: GNU Social, Friendica, Hubzilla, postActiv
  • #Python: Socialhome
  • #Go: gangGo
  • #Elixir: Pleroma
  • #Rust: Fedibook
  • #Nodejs: pump.io

🐧 So many opportunities to contribute




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Real time WW2

Hm... yes.

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Eron Sbn


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So summing up what I learned on using SD card in Rpi (thx everybody for inputs!)

  • SD is no storage like other "regular" ones, it's kind of raw flash technology and needs some special features/care to run nicely and for a long time. It's thus better to use an alternative filesystem (I'm trying f2fs)

  • SD integrity is sensitive to too often write accesses, which is a problem when used when OS's that, for example, log a shitload of stuff constantly. (this article deals with that, but in french). Summing up what I've been told about that for mitigating the problem:

    • store logs in RAM
    • use ramlog (logs in RAM, and written on card occasionaly rather than always)
    • use an external USB storage for log/ and other problematic directory
    • use syslog server to store logs on a distant machine
    • use network storage for data storing (sshfs for the win)
    • use a USB external storage for the whole OS (still needs SD card though)
  • Buy good quality SD card, Samsung has been cited but with no certainty. It's anyway recommended to use "category 10" cards (catégorie 10 in french, maybe it's class 10 in english)

  • sync after writing the image for fuck sake!

  • SD are curious little beasts with a microcontroller in it, interesting for hacking and also a potential source of failure

My two cents:

  • Interesting, but Fuck SD cards anyway :P
  • Diaspora rulez!

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Choice of filesystem for GNU/Linux on an SD card
I have am embedded ARM-based system running on an SD card. It's currently Debian GNU/Linux using ext3 as filesystem. As I'm about to reinstall the system, I started wondering about changing to a more

Robert Biloute - on diaspora-fr.org

Results of the #Django / #PyCharm Promotion 2017 | Django

We’re happy to report that our second iteration of the Django/PyСharm fundraising campaign - which we ran this summer - was a huge success. This year we helped raise a total of $66,094 USD for the Django Software Foundation!


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Virtual Keyboard Developer Leaked 31 Million of Client Records

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#Django 2.0 Window expressions tutorial - Agiliq Blog


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