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Jaywink - New world order

One more mix from the archives. Rolling drum'n'bass to take you into the new world order. Recorded in April 2007.

<iframe allowtransparency="" frameborder="0" height="150" id="hearthis_at_track_1594042" scrolling="no" src="https://hearthis.at/embed/1594042/transparent_black/?hcolor=&color=&style=2&block_size=2&block_space=1&background=1&waveform=0&cover=0&autoplay=0&css=" width="100%"><p>Listen to <a href="https://hearthis.at/jaywink/jaywink-newworldorder/" target="_blank">Jaywink - New world order</a> <span>by</span><a href="https://hearthis.at/jaywink/" target="_blank" >jaywink</a> <span>on</span> <a href="https://hearthis.at/" target="_blank">hearthis.at</a></p></iframe>


Wickaman & J.Majik f. Kathy Brown - Crazy world [infrared]
Logistics - Girl from Mars [hospital]
Danny Byrd - Fresh 89 [hospital]
Sub Focus - Flamenco [ram]
Futurebound & Matrix - American beauty [white]
Insideinfo - Concentrate [ganja-tek]
Total Science - Squash (Gridlok rmx) [cia]
Konstrukt - Black widow [lockdown]
Wickaman & J.Majik - Fiddler's elbow [infrared]
Crystal Clear & Xample - Spanish harlem [frontline]
Freaks of Nature - Jackie Stallone [z audio]
Dj Friction + K-Tee - Let loose (TC rmx) [shogun]
Burma - Shook this one [cdr]
A-Sides - Showstopper [metalheadz]
Dj Fresh f. Adam F - When the sun goes down (Dillinja rmx) [breakbeat kaos]
Evol Intent - Call to arms [renegade hardware]
Concord Dawn f. Holly Smith - Say your words [metalheadz]

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Autumn is here

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#WPA2 was kracked because it was based on a closed #standard that you needed to pay to read / Boing Boing

We must have open standards!


WPA2 was kracked because it was based on a closed standard that you needed to pay to read

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So much bloody token ICO email #spam lately. 😡

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USN-3455-1: wpa_supplicant and hostapd vulnerabilities | Ubuntu

#Ubuntu patched against #KRACK.


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Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist

It's a sad day for free speech and a victory for big money. RIP :(

#Panamapapers #murder #politics


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#KRACK Attacks: Breaking #WPA2

Most #Wifi enabled devices are vulnerable to traffic inspection, at least. This is why all traffic leaving your device should always be #encrypted, every single time. #Security needs multiple layers because we really cannot be sure any of the layers works 100%.

But this is good that it has been found. It leads to another issue in crucial tech society uses to be patched. It could lead to more money for making sure vulnerabilities like this are not found by accident, but through vigorous research. Research which intelligence agencies like #NSA do with billions of dollars. It's not unlikely that many intelligence agencies already knew about this and have been actively exploiting it.


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Difficult to even describe how awesome #PyCharm refactoring and debugging tools are. So much time saved to ponder other more important things 👍

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#GitHub Octoverse #2017 | Highlights from the last twelve months



GitHub Octoverse 2017
Highlights from the last twelve months

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Magic: The GIFening

A #Twitter bot which tweets Magic: the Gathering cards with appropriate GIFs superimposed onto them. Made in #Python using the GIPHY API and MoviePy.

Excellent 😀

#MtG #gif


magic-the-gifening - A Twitter bot which tweets Magic: the Gathering cards with appropriate GIFs superimposed onto them.

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Funny that I never before needed the autospec feature of #Python unittest.mock before. Should really have the habit of using it more. Mocks are a blessing in testing complex logic parts but can also be a curse and product false positives if not careful.

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#OnePlus #OxygenOS built-in analytics

This is pretty big for those who care about their #privacy and for some reason own an #Android and have kept the OnePlus customer experience program on. You're basically not just sending system data, but usage data of every single application, identifiable right back to your phone by not just IMEI, but also MAC and even name and networks. Pretty horrid as far as privacy nightmares go. And all this goes to who knows what kind of servers OnePlus manages to maintain. No hacker could ever get in, right? Well, the Chinese government probably only needs to ask politely.

If you do own a OnePlus device, strongly suggest you check the "Settings -> Advanced -> Customer experience program" and turn it off. You're still sending IMEI, MAC, name, networks, battery, etc etc, but not what applications you use and when.

Me, I'll probably switch to something like #LineageOS soon. Just because these kind of things coming out through security researches instead of transparent communication by the company make me not like said company very much.


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More than 20,000 underage girls marry illegally each day, claims study



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Today is International Day of the Girl Child

Hoping for a great future for not just my girls but all girls around the world. We must all fight for the education and gender equality for girls whenever we can. There is much gender based injustice left.


International Day of the Girl Child is an international observance day declared by the United Nations; it is also called the Day of the Girl and the International Day of the Girl. October 11, 2012, was the first Day of the Girl. The observation supports more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender. This inequality includes areas such as right to education/access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against women and unfree child marriage. The celebration of the day also "reflects the successful emergence of girls and young women as a distinct cohort in development policy, programming, campaigning and research."


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Luin "Ongelmalliset" ja hetken kiinnosti tämä mainos.

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Finally got myself a sane #logging setup. Previously I've been struggling to make any use of my file based logs, which has led to impossibility in debugging production problems in #Socialhome. Basically what I was doing was setting a few rotating log files and logging to them from all processes. What that means is that the log files just rotate so fast (due to many processes) that you don't really have time to catch problems.

While trying to keep things simple, I was losing a lot of valuable information. More users in the system means more unexpected stuff happening.

So now I've moved to sending all application logs from all processes via #rsyslog to an external service. Right now trying Loggly, which wasn't as easy to set up as they claimed, but is quite nice once done. Good filtering, easy to narrow down on interesting stuff. Great improvement, can squash those random #federation payload processing bugs now :)

Any good recommendations on logging services or good self-hosted logging aggregator apps to set up?

#sysadmin #selfhosted

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