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Started a #Roadmap section in our documentation. Below the high level architecture of current and possibly future #Socialhome.

One of the central parts here is replacing the current streams with a #VueJS app, for performance and code architecture reasons.

This is a living draft that will be updated as time goes. Feedback welcome, especially from Vue hackers!

Thanks @{Augier; augierle42e@diaspora-fr.org} for the good discussion regarding this in our little #Helsinki #hackathon at the Anders office a few weeks back, and for kicking off this mammoth task ๐Ÿป

2 days ago

Contact management lands

You can now access contacts you follow via the navbar "Contacts" menu item. This allows visiting contact profiles and unfollowing them. Check it out and let us know of any improvement ideas!

Next will add contact search. Will also add a "followers" contacts version at some point in the future.

About the following model

Socialhome following is done the way it works on #Twitter, ie the asymmetric model. This is why we call it "following" instead of "sharing" as in #Diaspora. There is no requirement of creating a social connection with someone to share with them. Following basically just means "I want to see this persons posts in my followed stream". It doesn't give the followed person any extra visibility to your posts or profile.

In the future once non-public content support lands (currently everything is "public"), there will be a way to manage aspect like groups for purely targeting content. Adding a person to this kind of list is separate from following. In other words, you don't need to follow someone to include them in a contact list. This is the "sharing" side that for example Diaspora has included in the "follow" side.

The contact management page will be refined as different kinds of contacts are available. Currently there are only "people I follow" and "people who follow me".


Give Socialhome a try at https://socialhome.network

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14 days ago

Followed stream is here!

Finally! The most basic feature of them all, seeing what the people you're interested in are writing about, has finally landed in #Socialhome. Why did it take this long? Well, before this many things had to be implemented, for example contacts on the #federation layer and actually following people in the UI.

Additionally, added a preferences screen for users. There is one preference available at the moment, choice of landing page. When logged in, users used to always see their own profile. Now you can choose what page you want to see when you log in or click the navbar logo. Tip: if you change it to a stream, access your profile via the "My Profile" link in the navbar.

Currently "profile" is the default (to keep old behaviour). I'm thinking of making the "followed" stream the default (which mimics what you see on other networks normally). Opinions?

Next: contact management! Have a feature that would make Socialhome more useful to you or make you want to try it? Let me know!

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17 days ago

Following (top) and follower (bottom) counts now in the profile panel, for local profiles.

For self, these will be soon links to contact management pages. When viewing other profiles, they are just text, since we don't want to show other people who is following who.

Opinion: should there be a user setting to hide these counts?

Next: Contact management and stream of contacts content.

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17 days ago (edited)

#Socialhome will participate in the #EFF action day for #NetNeutrality July 12th.


Challenging all #webmaster's out there to do the same!

More info here.

Add EFF action day for Net Neutrality on 12th July code ยท jaywink/socialhome@0d15d7e

21 days ago

Profile content stream + minor redesign

Added now a new "All content" stream for each profile. This can be found in the user profile. It is always rendered by default if the profile is remote or is a local profile with no pinned content.

Also related to this a minor redesign of the profile page. The "stamped" area with profile information is now centered with two columns on xl-large screens, two columns on left for large screens and full-width on medium or smaller. It now has a user actions drop-down for modifying settings or profile content, and for other user profiles there are the home/follow/unfollow buttons as in stream content.

The navbar also received a rewrite as bumping a #Bootstrap 4 alpha version broke things again.


Would love to receive feedback on the usefulness of the profile stream, or streams in #Socialhome in general. If you have tried Socialhome, did you find the grid layout useful or confusing?

It is likely the design will live quite a bit in the future. The current one was really a "let's try this" idea which still needs to be proven. Underneath the code is starting to suffer from "spaghetti code" problems with lots of #jQuery events firing to pull the strings. I'm seriously considering rewriting the stream with either #React or maybe #Vue. Before that happens, it would be nice to have a clearer idea of the future stream #UX.

If you want to give feedback or discuss these things, feel free to leave some comments here or get in touch via chats or GitHub issues. Private messages don't yet work in the #federation layer so please don't send those yet.

Project info

As a reminder for new readers. Socialhome is a #Django powered project aiming to create a platform that allows users to create a simple social profile with dynamic content. All content is federated using the #Diaspora protocol. Streams are in a central role, and we plan to have many types of streams, including custom per user streams.

You can find the code here and some documentation. The official site is https://socialhome.network which is a Socialhome instance itself and open for registration. Feel free to play around and feedback is always welcome!

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Socialhome HQ - Socialhome

17 days ago (edited)

You can now follow/unfollow #diaspora, #friendica and #hubzilla users from #Socialhome. In preparation for user content streams, there is now a link to the user profile. Additionally, a "Home" button exists for remote users which points to the remote home profile of the user.

In other news, we also now have an #API \o/ It's not ... complete, but it does support authenticating (using a token), retrieving profile lists and doing a follow/unfollow action. Some (minimal) docs regarding the API here. For the API next will probably be creating content. Bots, anyone? ;)

a month ago


We now have initial #documentation set up at socialhome.rtfd.io โœŒ

Feedback welcome. Includes installation (for #Ubuntu 14.04) and basic configuration. Still needs a lot of things like feature roadmaps and of course installation docs for other platforms. Actual user help pages will are planned to be inside the app itself.

Anyone want to #contribute installation docs for their favourite platform? Also, a #Docker file would be fantastic.

Ps, want to chat about #Socialhome? Join #FreeNode #socialhome channel or our Gitter chat and say hi.

2 months ago


2 months ago

2 months ago

Remote followers and replies come to #Socialhome

You can now follow accounts on Socialhome servers and be ensured that when that account posts something, it will be delivered to your account. Our follower model is intentionally simple, similar to #Twitter and the kind. A user can follow and be followed. Sharing happens (in the future) via direct targeting of users or lists of users, instead of a requirement to do a share action separately.

Some time ago also local and federated replies were added. Get interacting!

17 days ago (edited)

We now have infinite scrolling in all streams at #Socialhome. Scroll content until your browser runs out of memory!

Next: #federated comments. Still wont see if anyone replies to these posts - hoping to solve that soon!

3 months ago

#Socialhome gets its second contributor. Thanks to contributor Jari Winberg, images in content creator don't overflow the preview window any more. Appreciated!

Ps. Our issue tracker has a newcomer label for issues that should be relatively easy to tackle even without too much knowledge of the code base or #Django. Take a look if you want to contribute to a fresh software stack in #TheFederation!

4 months ago (edited)

#Socialhome now has a "single content view" ie an url for each content. Clicking the content timestamp in the streams opens up the single content view in a modal. When arriving directly via an url, the single content view opens in a dedicated page.

URL's are a combination of content ID and a "slug" generated from the text. The slug part (which is optional) should help with SEO rankings. Since Socialhome is meant for permanent articles too, this becomes more important than for the average social media post.

17 days ago (edited)

Mobile first

#Socialhome doesn't have a separate mobile view. Everything is designed mobile first to keep it that way.

2 days ago (edited)

Want to contribute to creating a #Python and #Django stack #TheFederation server? Check out our contribution guide for some guidelines.

For those new to #Socialhome or Django, there are some "newcomer" labeled issues which are good starting points for contributing to the project.

Fast code review guaranteed :)

4 months ago

Test for #Relay

4 months ago

Test for #relay

4 months ago

A picture is worth a thousand words

#Socialhome really shines with image based content. Plan is to also have the possibility to view any stream with just the images it contains.

4 months ago (edited)

Playing around with mock-up for redesign of #Socialhome cards. As an idea, reactions could be #Slack like emojis instead of just a single like reaction.

Want to give feedback? Please do in the GitHub issue - comments don't yet show in our end from around #TheFederation :)

4 months ago

Looks like #Socialhome oEmbed embeds not only single #Twitter tweets but whole user timelines. Neat to pin on your profile page ๐Ÿ˜Ž

4 months ago

Proudly powered by Django

5 months ago

Get involved

Socialhome is missing features and needs a lot of polish on the UI side. If you are familiar with #Django (or want to learn!) and are interested in getting involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

For guidelines how to contribute, please first read our contributing document.

4 months ago (edited)

Try it!

Create an account and create some content!

Please note however that the software is in early stages and does not support the whole set of features from the federation layer, for example.

Please don't hesitate to give feedback, either using GitHub issues or via Gitter or FreeNode IRC.

2 months ago (edited)


All content is equal, including user profile page content. Any type of content created by a user can be pinned as permanently visible in the user profile. The pinned content can then be arranged by the user in the order they wish.

This profile content is still normal content as any other content in the system. It will federate, and in the future it can be commented or reacted on.

4 months ago (edited)


All content grids are streams in Socialhome. The public stream shows all available public content available from all users, local and remote.

Additionally each user home page is a stream of content pinned to the profile page by the user.

Tag streams show all the content that contains a certain hashtag.

5 months ago


Content in Socialhome is visualized in a grid. A WYSIWYG editor is available for creating rich Markdown content. Edit is supported, also through the federation layer.

In addition to Markdown, special trusted users can use full HTML/JS/CSS to edit content.

Images are supported via drag'n'drop to the editor.

5 months ago


Socialhome federates using the Diaspora protocol. This allows content to federate not only to other #Socialhome nodes, but also with nodes from #Diaspora, #Friendica and #Hubzilla.

Socialhome doesn't make a distinction between profile and other created content. All profile content you create can be pushed via the federation layer to other nodes in #TheFederation.

4 months ago (edited)

Socialhome is a federated home page builder application with social network features.

The code is hosted on GitHub under the AGPLv3 license.

4 months ago (edited)

Hey yo, test


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