I wonder how far you'd get by using the #Diaspora federation gem to essentially develop a minimal Rails clone that speaks the federation protocol. How much could you strip away from the original codebase?

Would be kind of fun to develop a bare-bones app that doesn't have a lot of cruft.


I wonder whether it would be crazy to convert the #Backbone frontend of #Diaspora to #React?


Sometimes looking at the #diaspora tag on JoinDiaspora makes me really sad. Feels like a ghost town with the occasional tinfoil-hat person or misanthrope.


Hey #Diaspora, I'm currently investigating an issue in the hopes of providing cross-post support to #Mastodon; do any of the Diaspora devs know how our cross-posting service feature works, and what is required currently to add new services?

I know of a very old document on the old Diaspora wiki, but I'm concerned that it's not at all up-to-date.

Issue here:

Automatically Cross-Post to Mastadon · Issue #7494 · diaspora/diaspora
In the "Services" section of settings you allow posts to be automatically cross-posted to other social media like Twitter. Would you please add the ability to automatically cross-post to Mastadon. ...


I have no prior experience in organizing this sort but if thing, but uh, here's a new MeetUp I'm starting.

BAMF - Bay Area Members of the Fediverse on Meetup

Currently testing it out to gauge interest. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to come out and make new friends, that would be the most amazing thing. You are welcome to join, regardless of whether you're from #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, or any other federated platform.

I'll pick a date and a venue soon.

#Fediverse #SanFrancisco #BayArea

Sean Blog - Welcome Sean Tilley

This was a pretty fun way to get introduced - the #Sentry team plans a video shoot and creates a GIF for their blog, which announces new team members and tells a little bit about their personal history.

One month in, and I'm starting to get adjusted to working there - I'm slowly moving up from working the support queue to taking calls and devising concept demos, which honestly feels great. I've even talked to my first enterprise customer, and I'm being coached on how to work this system.

I'm making new friends and learning how to come out of my shell. As much as I'd like to say that I feel like a kid on my first day at school, we've already hired on a bunch of new people. So I'm not even the newest person here.

Welcome Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley joins the Sentry team

Sean Tilley